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Free 60 Minute Consultation

Signature Packages

"The curious paradox is when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change."
-  Marcus Aurelius



Life “Support” Package - $200/Session (Coach on demand)  

-Phenomenological investigation (a deep dive into life concerns) - A technique used to examine the 4 life domains: Personal, Social, Physical, and Spiritual

-Laser-Focus Approach to Growth - A life in Balance is our goal! We focus on specific concerns brought to each session and how they fit into the life domains.

-We need your undivided attention as well as freedom from distractions during our meetings. 

-Program is un-structured for your convenience: Session exercises optional


-60 minute sessions: Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly - You choose! 



3 Month Version (Structured Program)


• We take a "whole" world- view using a chest board metaphor. You will identify critical layers and players involved in your life; Determine their priority position, and map out value-led and ethically informed movements. 

• The Updated Mind series puts laser-focused attention on your life concern. We open the issue up, turn it upset down, reframe it, and move forward with a new perspective. 

• Your life concern is plugged into my virtual file cabinet exercise and undergoes a process of value-based condensing of your life.

•  The 3 T’s of sustainable change are ignited: The Transformation, The Trajectory Shift, The Transcendent Experience.

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• When the 3 T’s of sustainable change are ignited – next level existence emerges.

• As one grows, transitions, and elevates – Some things in life are outgrown.

• One can never have enough support in a new environment.

•  This discounted maintenance package is for my enlightened ones that have completed the updated mind series and would like ongoing support on a monthly basis.

Mind Prep For Change
The Updated Mind
Kindred Connection

“Life can only be understood backwards,
but it must be lived forward”

- Kierkegaard

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