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Walking Dead

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

What does it mean to be in the state of mind of being both dead and alive?

Can we be dead to ourselves yet alive to others?

How can it be possible to walk around in a body that’s too difficult to comprehend?

How are we to make sense of the inner conflicts we live with every day?

How can we find balance while swimming in a pool of complex human emotions?

Does being alive require higher education to do it correctly? If so, what does this education consist of? If not, are we all born with a mysterious key that unlocks the answers?

I believe true aliveness takes place deep down within and the mysterious key that unlocks this depth is self-honesty.

Fully awakening to life depends on the deliberate act of being self-aware and delicately handling the truth it reveals. The consciousness of this process determines how all of life’s other dominos will fall. These include freedom, courage, responsibility, and choice, which are all interconnected and the byproducts of free will.

The sculpting of your unique presence is significantly shaped by what you do or don’t do with the cold, hard truth that’s in front of you right now.


The simple truth is that the truth hurts. So no thank you, I’m not interested.

Interestingly, we often see ourselves as experts in “the truth” about other people’s lives because it is less painful and a cheap distraction from having to face our own truth. Is it possible to know other people better than we even know ourselves?"

The next time you find yourself overly sure about what you think you know about another person, stop and ask yourself, “Am I this knowledgeable about myself?” If you pause in your response, hold that thought and self-reflect for a while. Revisit your convictions later and see if that yields more self-knowledge than your judged “knowledge” about another.

We have all heard it said over and over again that the truth would set us free, but we’re still not buying it.

What exactly is happening inside us when the truth is staring us in the face? It’s like we go from treading water in our pool of emotions to drowning and gasping for air, a life-or-death feeling that makes us want to do the backstroke away from it as far as we can. This creates a life lived backward. Truth calls us to swim forward.

To believe in the concept that the truth will set you free is like grabbing a life jacket thrown at you and trusting that it will save your life.

Facing the truth requires trust—more specifically, self-trust—that you will remain on the right side of the line between sanity and insanity. But can we ever be sure?

To decide to face the truth, you must first trust that when it is thrown at you and you take hold of it, you will survive. Accepting this starts with believing it will benefit your life.

A New Perspective

The concentrated discomfort truth produces results from our laser focus on the pain itself. There must be a more broadened focus that includes the benefits that result from making self-honesty a regular practice in life.

I believe the reason we find the truth hard to accept is because our visual field is too narrow. It’s like a raindrop falling in a vast ocean. The pain is the result of our hyperfocus on the raindrop.

Imagine flying in the sky with the birds and looking down on the world with a bird’s-eye view. When the perspective expands, everything looks smaller. You suddenly see the world differently.

You will now have hope that the pain (raindrop) will pass through your heart and then disappear. Let it fall uninterrupted. Do not block it, and never let your heart close. Only then will you experience how the truth will truly set you free.

“Grief can be the garden of compassion. If you keep your heart open through everything, your pain can become the greatest ally in your life’s search for love and wisdom.”—Rumi


Just as you trust that the life jacket thrown at you is there to save you, you now trust that truth is freedom (personally speaking).

Self-trust breeds courageous decision-making because you now believe you will remain in sound mental health.

As the heart opens, the mind will soon follow. You begin to move through life with an open mind and an open heart, and freedom is the byproduct.

The pain that arises from the truth is what I call organic pain, and it’s what the body recognizes as a superfood for enlightenment.

Pain, aka passion, is the “feeling” part of living, a human companion that deserves its own time and space to move. When we continually shut the door to our feelings, we become numb, then callused, and, eventually, lifeless on the inside.

Freedom makes living possible. Therefore, it is the catalyst that determines the difference between a living mindset and a dying mindset. True freedom is the liberation from both mental and emotional imprisonment. We must release the chains that are entangled around our hearts and minds.


The concept of being free can be scary and intimidating because it calls on us to be self-reliant. It takes courage to be free, and there is a fine line between being a victim and being empowered. For example, if I ask you what I should do, I can blame you when things don’t turn out well (victim). If I decide what to do, then I take responsibility for the outcome (empowered).

Life “is happening” to the victim’s mind, whereas the empowered mind “is happening” to life. Where do you stand?

It takes courage to allow the unknown to unfold because we must be accountable for the consequences that appear.

It takes courage to live.


Choice begins with making up your mind to look at the situation differently. No movement is possible without making this fundamental decision. Just ask yourself, “Okay, what is another way to look at this?” And then give it a shot. What do you have to lose?

The decision to tell yourself the truth begins with a choice. You have to decide whether you will focus on the raindrop (the pain) or take a bird’s-eye view and try out another perspective. Second, you have to choose to allow the pain to pass through your heart without fighting or resisting it.

And today, right here and now, you must decide whether you will be walking dead or walking alive because ultimately, living is a choice.

Your Mentor Life Coach

Kamili Anderson BSN, RN

Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Suggested Reading:

Singer, M.A. (2007). The untethered soul: The journey beyond yourself. New Harbinger Publications, Inc. Oakland, Ca.

Blog dedication -To my future great-great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins and extended family, I will not have the pleasure to meet.

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