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Our Core Values

A coach's concept originated in the 16th Century describing a horse-drawn carriage that carried people from one place to another.


I imagine the focus was primarily on the passengers being carried and not on the horse doing the carrying. 


However, without a strong foundation, the horse would have lacked consistency and sustainability. Therefore, it must have embodied "wellness" to carry people safely and effectively. 


Wellness from our perspective is like that of a car's chassis. It holds the insides together and makes movement possible. The engine, brakes, steering, axle, tires, etc., all sit on the chassis foundation. 


What is it that holds up the foundation of our company? The values on which it stands. And, our wellness is interconnected with yours.         

Our core values provide the transportation that will carry you forward. 

Top Values:

  1. Self-Awareness – We pay attention to our moment-to-moment actions and behaviors so that growth is an inevitable part of our fabric. You receive an updated version of us each time you encounter us.  

  2. Self-love- We love ourselves more so that we can love you more.

  3. Virtue – We thrive on being good and doing good so that we have it to give, reflect and demonstrate to you.  

  4. Standards – We choose excellence. We can show you better than we can tell you. The ride will speak for itself. You deserve nothing less. 

  5. Patience – We did not get here overnight. Therefore, we embrace the small steps you take. We focus on the process and allow the outcome to take care of itself. 

  6. Boundaries – We are the gatekeepers of our own minds; therefore, we respect that which you give freely and that which you choose to hold on to. 

  7. Altruism – We are drawn to the well-being of others. Therefore, you have our confidentiality, devotion, loyalty, empathy and attention. 

  8. Integrity – We are honest with ourselves. Therefore, we are honest with you.  

9. Accountability – We take responsibility for how we show up in the world. Our company embodies this as a way of being. 

10. Self-compassion – We feed ourselves only that which it needs to flourish. We will provide you with fuel that never dies. 

"What brings no benefit to the hive brings none to the bee" 
- Marcus Aurelius

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